Technology Research Development Center

Tagem Tehcnology Research and Develoment Center is Established For;

  • Developing new technologies, guiding practitioners, guiding industries

  • Organizing national and international courses along with in-service training that aim to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants in order to gain well-qualified staff for the industry and offering package training programs according to the needs of the companies,
  • Counseling public and private bussinesses, international companies and domestic and international projects, serving research and development services in the areas that are needed,
  • Developing high performance, cost-effective and computer based technological solutions in production and management and serving consultancy and technical services,

        Turkish Ministry of Forests and Environment published Environment Control Regulations to be applied in a pilot scale in April 2010 and then in all of the industrial establishments in the entire region in July 2010 . In this context, the Ministry wants the companies and industrial organizations to fulfill the services that are required. In the framework of these regulations, our company provides consultancy for all the services that the industry is responsible of. We are guiding and providing the industrial organizations in the solution of all problems related to the environment.(water treatment plant problems, noise, emissions, etc..)

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